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God will liberate man from sickness and disease!


Russia and the Real Conspiracy Behind the 2016 Presidential Election by Trumpet Daily Radio Show

The Obama administration was well aware of Russia’s attempt to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election prior to Election Day. Some members of the administration who sounded the alarm were told to stand down. Prior to the election, the toughest President Barack Obama got with Russia was when he told Vladimir Putin to “cut it out.” Mr. Obama stressed that hacking an election was virtually impossible and told candidate Donald Trump that he would need to accept the outcome. Once Trump won, however, the Democrats went into full panic mode, refused to accept that Trump’s victory was legitimate, and began screaming that American democracy was under threat from Russia. But Obama knew what Russia was doing before the election, so why didn’t he act to stop it? I discuss this and more on today’s radio show.

Mystery of the Holy Roman Empire

One dominant world superpower has made repeated destructive appearances over the last two millennia. Prove how this formidable force will make one final push in our day, after decades of lurking underground—next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.

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No nation or superpower in history has caused as much suffering and bloodshed as the Holy Roman Empire. The shocking part is, no one ever seems to recognize the threat until it’s too late. Six times, the Holy Roman Empire—led by a great false church and usually also by Germany—has terrorized the world.

During the sixth resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire under Adolf Hitler, the late theologian Herbert W. Armstrong prophesied of yet another rise to dominance. By looking in the pages of the Bible, he saw that the Holy Roman Empire was guaranteed a seventh resurrection—even after Germany was burned to ashes in World War 2.

The physical evidence of Germany in ruins and a false church in hiding would have never suggested another surge by the Holy Roman Empire. No man could have uncovered this future occurrence. God had to reveal it.

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Peter Strzok: There Was ‘No Bias’ in Those Text Messages by Trumpet Daily Radio Show

Peter Strzok, the lead investigator of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal and Trump-Russia investigation, sat for a 10-hour testimony yesterday in front of House oversight committees. Strzok was removed from Robert Mueller’s special counsel after it was revealed he and another high-ranking member of the FBI exchanged hundreds of text messages revealing their hatred of then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. In his testimony yesterday, Strzok said the texts showed no bias and that bias never motivated his decision-making. On today’s show, I discuss Stzrok’s hearing and why this corruption is coming to light.

The Way of Peace Restored Momentarily by Trumpet Bookshelf

For over 50 years, the late theologian Herbert W. Armstrong preached about the only way to bring about lasting peace. But his ministry wasn’t all talk. He restored peace to God’s Church, and, by supporting a peace pact between two nations, he momentarily restored peace to the world. Follow along as Grant Turgeon summarizes Philadelphia Church of God Pastor General Gerald Flurry’s booklet The Way of Peace Restored Momentarily.

How All People Will be Blessed by Live by Every Word

Prophecies show that the rest of the Earth will share in the great prosperity Christ will bring to Jerusalem and the descendants of Jacob.

Baby Blimp and the Prophesied Breakup of NATO by Trumpet Daily Radio Show

United States President Donald Trump arrived in the United Kingdom today for a three-day “working visit.” BBC diplomatic correspondent James Robbins described the trip as “the most controversial visit ever made by an American president to Britain.” London Mayor Sadiq Khan rolled out the red carpet for the “Stop Trump” activists, telling them it was fine for protesters to float a giant inflatable blimp over London—a blimp of a crying Trump baby. What does the future hold for America’s special relationship with Britain? Also on today’s program, I discuss more of the repercussions of Mr. Trump’s criticism of NATO and how it plays into Bible prophecy.