A Capital in Jerusalem—And Just How Ancient are the Biblical Writings?

It is a massive debate between the biblical minimalists and traditionalists. Just when was the Bible written? On the one hand, there are those that claim it was written just when it says—the traditionalists; and on the other, there are the those who claim it was written hundreds, if not a thousand years, later—the minimalists. Can we know?

On today’s program, guest host Christopher Eames finishes his series examining that question, in light of archaeological and textual evidence, with the third division of the Hebrew Bible—the Writings. He also discusses the rationale and significance behind the recent landmark US acceptance of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The Antiquity of the Scriptures: The Writings –watchjerusalem.co.il/2017/12/10/the…-the-writings/


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Is There Hope for the ‘Lost’? | The Trumpet Daily

God’s plan includes the billions who have lived and died throughout mankind’s history without ever hearing the true gospel.

Is there any hope for those who have lived and died without ever having an opportunity for salvation? Think of the multiple billions of people in the history of human civilization who have lived and died without seeing a Bible or even hearing the name of Jesus Christ, let alone Christ’s true gospel.

Are these people lost forever? On this program, we’ll look at what the Bible says about God’s awesome plan for saving all of mankind!

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God’s Passion for Jerusalem

The world is up in arms over U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem means “city of peace,” but history shows it has been rife with bloodshed and violence. Why does this ancient capital of Israel continue to make headline news? No city on Earth stirs God’s passions like Jerusalem does! Prophecy reveals that God has dazzling plans for this city in the near future. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we show that God shall yet choose Jerusalem.

The Middle East Peace Process Sham

United States President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has triggered a hostile response from powers around the globe. Opponents are outraged at what they see as the end of the Middle East peace process. On today’s radio show, we ask: “What peace process?” The Palestinian Arabs have been offered land for peace and it failed. Palestinian authorities use international donations to pay the families of dead terrorists. And the logos of jihadist organizations like Hamas and Fatah have rifles pictured next to a map of Israel, which it calls Palestine. The goal of the Palestinian Arabs is not, nor ever has been, peace with Israel—it has always been the obliteration of Israel. That is why the decades-old “peace process” has never really existed.

What Happened to the Plain Truth? | In 90 Seconds

The Plain Truth magazine was one of the most widely circulated magazines in history. At its peak, it was printed in seven different languages, with a circulation of over 8 million. Each issue was given away free.

Today, however, this magazine is out of print. What happened to it?

The Plain Truth was founded by Herbert W. Armstrong in February 1934. The first issue was printed in black and white on a mimeograph machine in Eugene, Oregon. It was sent free to around 250 subscribers.

Over the next five decades, its readership continued to grow rapidly.

Mr. Armstrong’s Plain Truth magazine analyzed world events through the lens of Bible prophecy. This perspective made the Plain Truth unique—and hugely popular.

The accuracy of the Plain Truth in forecasting world events before they happened is what made it the most valuable magazine of its time.

After Mr. Armstrong’s death in 1986, however, the Plain Truth went off track. His successors rejected Bible prophecy and rejected Mr. Armstrong’s Bible-based teachings.

Readership declined rapidly. Eventually, they started charging subscribers.

Today, the Plain Truth is out of print. But Mr. Armstrong’s legacy survives in the Trumpet magazine.

The Trumpet is built on the same prophetic foundation Mr. Armstrong used for the Plain Truth magazine.

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Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital—World Enraged

We often hear about today’s Information Age and the unprecedented amount of knowledge now available to us. But this is actually just as much a Disinformation Age.
The heir apparent of the Middle East’s largest country, Saudi Arabia, is already ruling with an authoritarian style that has some significant implications for the country, the region and the world.
A new poll found that Christians in the United Kingdom believe only six of the Ten Commandments have relevance in the modern age. Is this true? And what do the findings indicate about the state of British society?
And finally, a few words of wisdom that can help us to make sound judgments.

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