KPCG fm 101.3

This is the THE VOICE the Almighty God is using to warn His laodicean churches and the world in this laodicean era…


2 responses to “KPCG fm 101.3

  1. I really need to send you my sincere thanks for the I listen to your program daily. God introduced me to Herbert W Armstrong intuition the 80s. I have been a tiger and a contributor financially as well as prayers and have received all the booklets and pamphlets promised Armstrong and I was just really concerned about how would I say now I’ve been through a lot of things in my fifties and I believe it’s time for me to step up and make the next move as far as reaching the goal of becoming a member of the Philadelphia Church of God but I’m concerned because I have to register as a sex offender and drug abuse and concerned how the church is going to receive a person in my situation and I already understand how God doesn’t like to pray the behaviors and but you know I’m concerned how would I go about even discussing because you know what I’m dealing with humans even in church do I just stay there on the sidelines and send my tithes and offerings you know I really need to know and understand so I hopefully I will get a reply from Stephen Flurry on the daily radio program


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