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Use This Key to Unlock Bible Prophecy – The Trumpet Daily – YouTube

Identify ancient Israel’s modern identity, and you’ll never look at the Bible the same way again.


Revelation 17:10

Why God’s Church has watched for the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire for more than 50 years

Update: Sydney Hostages, Massacres in Pakistan and Iraq, Dresden Protest – The Trumpet Daily

The thread that ties together this week’s most dramatic news, and what it means for the future

The Unknown Prophet

The Bible describes an end-time spokesman for God known as “That Prophet.”

25 Years of Spiritual Warfare – The Trumpet Daily

The PCG passes a quarter century of fighting for truth.

Doers and Not Hearers Only (2014)

God created human beings to function with joy. He intended us to reject deception and to embrace truth.

Revelation Series—Part 11: God’s Glorious Family Throne – The Trumpet Daily