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God’s Passion for Jerusalem

The Bible mentions Jerusalem over 700 times! Why is this city so important to God?

No city on Earth stirs passions like Jerusalem! This city is continually in the news as a flash point of conflict. But when you understand what the Bible prophesies about this city, you know why. No city stirs God’s passions like the city of Jerusalem. On this episode of the Trumpet Daily, we explain why Jerusalem gets so much attention—and why it is so important to God.


Request Jerusalem in Prophecy:…

The King of the South…


We Tell You Why

According to the top Google searches for 2017, the world wants to know how: How do hurricanes form; how do wildfires start; how to make a protest sign; etc. Trumpet contributor Jeremiah Jacques wrote this week, “Asking how is certainly important. It leads a person to knowledge, which is the accumulation of facts and information. That is of indisputable value. But during such tumultuous times, are how questions about these topics the most pressing ones we should be asking? The Trumpet has often said that the most foundational questions ask not how—but why.” On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we look back at a tumultuous year and ask why these things are happening.

Thou Shalt Not Tolerate the ‘Intolerant’

On today’s university campuses, tolerance of others is considered one of the great virtues. But how do the “tolerant” respond to people they view as “intolerant”? Across America, more people are being pushed from the public view for simply stating their opinions on subjects like homosexual “marriage.” We discuss this troubling trend on today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

Britain’s and America’s Military Decline

Over the last few months, there have been some shocking stories about the decline of the British and American militaries. At the same time, militaries in Europe, China, Russia and Japan are rising. Trumpet contributing editor Richard Palmer explores why some are rising and some are falling.

Russia and Iran Prepare for War…prepare-for-war

Vladimir Putin’s Russia is preparing for World War III. Putin recently called for all Russian industry to be prepared for war production. Russia has been increasingly involved in arms trading, has ramped up provocations aimed at the United States and Britain, and is capitalizing on regional conflicts in places like Libya and Syria.

Iran, too, is preparing for war—specifically against Israel. Iran has been arming its terrorist proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, with large-scale precision missiles. While these powers prepare for war, America is in retreat. We discuss the importance of these events as they relate to Bible prophecy on today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.


The Election That Shook Germany

Voters handed the political establishment a beating. The nation may not have a government for months. When it comes, it will be divided and weak. Germany’s recent election portends greater crisis to come.



Las Vegas Massacre: Problem, Cause—and Solution

Investigators are looking for a motive. Here is what they need to understand.

Is God Answering America’s Prayers?

In the face of recent disasters, national leaders are calling on people to pray. Will these requests make a difference?

God Has Responded to Past National Days of Prayer
A Second Civil War
Repentance Toward God

Below is an excerpt from Gerald Flurry’s free booklet Repentance Toward God. This booklet presents the biblical definition and biblical examples of repentance and shows you how to draw close to God the Father and Jesus Christ.

Times of London: ‘The Repaganizing of Christmas’