The Fall of the British Royal Family

Jude 7 is the strongest warning in the Bible against the nations given over to Sodomy! Sodom and Gomorrah suffered fire from heaven and were reduced to ashes by God. If we live like Sodom, we are going to die like Sodom!

The major prophets discuss the great cities of America and Britain becoming “without inhabitant.” That means nuclear fire is going to reduce our major cities to ashes!

Remember, Jude 7 gives us an “example,” or warning—of people “suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.” Now is the time to heed this warning!

There is no warning stronger than this in the entire Bible!

Marriage and family are God-plane relationships that prepare us to enter our marriage with Jesus Christ, and our place in the Family of God. It is man’s only hope.

You cannot understand the magnitude of this sin unless you understand God’s master plan for family!

We must comprehend what we are dealing with. We are witnessing the twisting and destroying of the gospel of God!

The gospel is the good news of the coming Family of God. Satan is trying to blot out any hope of understanding the Family gospel. He has sold people on the idea that they can twist and distort family any way they please and it won’t matter.

That is not what our Creator says! He turned Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes—as an example for us—to warn us of how He would punish for this sin!

Is there a greater physical warning in the Bible than this?

God is already changing the way He deals with the royal family, which explains why 2017 has been so tragic so far.

We have prepared a special report explaining the change that has occurred this year. We are printing it in the July-August edition of our bimonthly Christian-living magazine, Royal Vision; we will send you a free copy upon request. This change is a signal of terrible things to come upon Britain in particular—as well as America and the Jewish nation. It explains the rapid decline we are witnessing in Britain’s royal family. It also explains how God is keeping His promise to preserve David’s throne even amid the time of great tribulation just ahead.

On top of that, this special magazine edition shows just how short time is before Jesus Christ returns to take His place as King of kings and Lord of lords, personally sitting on the throne of David and ruling over the Earth!


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