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The Lost Century 

The history of God’s Church is recorded in detail in the Holy Bible. The Bible records the life of Jesus Christ, the establishment of God’s Church and the acts of His apostles—individual by individual, experience by experience. The Bible also records the rise of government persecution—and the rise of COUNTERFEIT churches.

The Bible’s record of God’s Church abruptly ENDS during the lifetime of the Apostle John. Even before John died, he and other biblical writers wrote that the Church was under attack.

Then—there was silence.

The historical record is almost completely EMPTY. From AD 70 to 170 AD, the record is completely shrouded in shadows. Even though extensive records were kept throughout the Roman Empire and beyond during this period, NO ONE has reliable, detailed accounts of God’s Church after the deaths of the original apostles. Historians call this period THE LOST CENTURY.

When the history resumes, the Church that claims Jesus Christ appears to be DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT from the Church in the Bible.

WHAT HAPPENED during that crucial period of The Lost Century?


WHY can you read so MUCH about God’s Church in the Bible, and so LITTLE about God’s Church IMMEDIATELY AFTER the Bible era? The Christian Church carried a dramatic message that changed the world. Its message was one of the most powerful IDEAS ever declared.

The Bible records the individual experiences of many of the original apostles. It records how the Gospel message spread powerfully. It records how the government and the religious establishment fought the message of Jesus Christ. It records how the Apostle John was fighting powerful deception that was already drawing people away from the true Church.

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The Fight for the Temple Mount | The Trumpet Daily 

God established Jerusalem to be a city of peace. But instead of peace, Jerusalem has a legacy of 6,000 years of unparalleled suffering, bloodshed and desolation. Today it is weighed down with insoluble problems. The Israelis and Palestinians are bitterly divided over control of Jerusalem. Despite many years of negotiations and compromise, peace talks have always failed. As a holy site for Arabs and Jews, the Temple Mount has been a major stumbling block to these negotiations. 
The current conflict over the Temple Mount is a powder keg ready to explode. Only Jesus Christ can resolve Jerusalem’s colossal problems. Your Bible reveals that mankind’s best efforts to bring about peace will instead result in the fall of East Jerusalem, triggering a series of catastrophic events leading to the return of Christ. 
On this episode of the Trumpet Daily, we explain where the current tensions over the Temple Mount are leading and how it will end.

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The Ambassadors of Peace 

The leaders of this world are failing to solve, or even identify, the real problems of our age. Left-leaning leaders are sounding alarm bells over nonissues like climate change, while their opponents bicker among themselves and fail to stand up for traditional values. Humanity is failing to achieve peace. But God expects those who know His truth to behave differently—to be ambassadors for His way of life. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we explain why only God can solve the problems of this world.

Europe, Japan, China and the New World Order 

The world is changing before your eyes. For decades, the United States has dominated the globe with unshakable alliances with Western Europe and Japan. But now, these alliances don’t look so unshakable and both Europe and Japan are moving away from the U.S. A new alliance is rising, and it profoundly threatens America. Assistant managing editor for Richard Palmer discusses the rise of this new world order—and the one source that forecast it in precise detail years ago.

Why God’s Work Devotes So Many Resources to Youth Programs 

Toward the end of his life, Herbert W. Armstrong began to realize the critical importance of educating the young people in God’s Church. He initiated numerous youth programs in order to help young people realize their potential and deepen their understanding of the Bible—all to strengthen families in the Church. God’s work today follows those same traditions started by Mr. Armstrong. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, Stephen Flurry explains why God pays special attention to young people in His Church.

The Conspiracy Against the Family 

Britain’s advertising authority wants to make it illegal to show gender stereotyping in commercials. Showing men and women in their traditional roles is too demeaning and unhealthy for society, the reasoning goes. Meanwhile, showing rape on prime time television is permissible because it’s “historically accurate.” Britain’s moral compass has shattered. The traditional family is being attacked on every level. What is the real source of this attack and why is it happening? We discuss this and more on today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

How to Resist the Pull of the World 

Since the terrorist attack near the Temple Mount on July 14, Israel has installed metal detectors to improve security of Jerusalem’s holiest site. These new security measures immediately prompted Palestinian leaders to incite violence against Israelis. On Friday, a knife-wielding Palestinian broke into an Israeli home in the West Bank and murdered three Jews in cold blood because of Israel’s “attack” on the al-Aqsa Mosque. Few in Western media, however, are willing to tell the truth about what is happening on the Temple Mount.

Also on the program, Stephen Flurry discusses how quickly the United Kingdom’s largest pharmaceutical company caved in to pressure after receiving criticism for refusing to reduce the price of its contraceptives. On this program, he discusses the importance of standing strong in the Lord against the pulls of this world.