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The Unknown Prophet 

The Bible describes an end-time spokesman for God known as “That Prophet.”


The Key of David and the Open Door – The Trumpet Daily

Herbert W. Armstrong was one of the most prominent religious figures
of the 20th century. He was a pioneer in religious broadcasting. He
was the world’s leading televangelist of his day. Millions of people
read his writing, listened to him on the radio, and watched him on
television. Even President Ronald Reagan commented on his ministry.
After he died, President Reagan said, “Mr. Armstrong contributed to
sharing the Word of the Lord with his community and with people
throughout the nation. You can take pride in his legacy.”

During Mr. Armstrong’s ministry, God’s message went out around the
world with real power! On this episode of the Trumpet Daily, we will
explain what that message is and how God opened doors for that message
to go around the world.
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Son of Nazi War Criminal: Don’t Trust Germany 

Hans Frank was the Nazi governor-general of occupied Poland during World War II. He is responsible for the deaths of millions of people. His son, Niklas Frank, despises what his father did. Today, he travels around Germany giving speeches about his notorious father and the shameful legacy of Nazi Germany. In a recent interview with the BBC, he warned the world about placing its trust in Germany. There is still something in the German people, Niklas said, that “makes me fear them.” On today’s program, we examine the unique insights of one of Germany’s own—and review what Bible prophecy says about Germany and the last resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire.

The 4-Minute Prayer ‘Challenge’ 

Many people believe they are religious, but few actually take the time to learn what it is that makes one a Christian. A recent study found that while many Americans are fond of the Bible, few of them actually study it. It’s the same with prayer. One Christian website recently “challenged” its followers to pray 4 minutes each day for four weeks! What does God have to say about Bible study and prayer? Listen to today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show to understand what it really means to put God first in our lives.

Why the Long Decay of the U.S. Military Will Persist 

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised that, if elected, he would reverse the decay of the United States military. After just three months in office, President Trump’s administration is realizing this is a task easier said than done. U.S. military equipment has been decaying over the past three decades, and it is falling behind in technical capabilities to nations like Russia and China. Simply undoing Barack Obama’s military budget cuts alone is likely to be an insurmountable task. Is the U.S. military beyond repair? On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show we examine how America’s military got to this point and why Bible prophecy says it’s not going to be fixed.

America Once Fed the World—Now It’s Being Overtaken by ‘New Powers’ 

The United States was the leading food producer of the world for decades. Just 30 years ago, American soybean exports made up 70 percent of the world’s supply. That number has fallen to 40 percent, putting the U.S. behind Brazil. It’s the same with wheat and corn, where Russia has been increasing its output substantially while America’s continues to dwindle. Bible prophecy explains why America is losing its status as the world’s greatest food producer. To find out why, listen to today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

Mystery of the Kingdom of God – YouTube

Is the Kingdom of God in the hearts of men? Is it comprised of all Christian denominations? Traditional Christianity offers numerous definitions for the Kingdom of God. Learn about the message Jesus Christ preached on Earth, a message about the coming kingdom. Understand its plan, purpose and potential, and see what the Kingdom of God really is—next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.

The Kingdom of God is man’s only hope. The advance good news of the wonderful world tomorrow is as sure as the rising of the sun tomorrow morning. Request Herbert W. Armstrong’s free book The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like to understand how the world will change after the return of Jesus Christ. God’s Kingdom is a literal and specific government. Your Bible guarantees it will be established on Earth in the near future.
Discover why human beings can’t solve our problems. After Christ returns, mankind will be forced to be happy, to enjoy world peace, and to reap universal abundance. The Kingdom of God will mark the end of the dark age of man, and the beginning of a glorious eternal future under God. Read The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like to find out how this spectacular miracle will occur.

Jesus Christ preached a powerful message while on Earth. Request your free copy of the reprint article “What Is the True Gospel?” to prove what Christ taught about the coming Kingdom of God. Traditional Christianity today teaches a false gospel about Christ, instead of focusing on Christ’s message. Learn how the true gospel will have an effect on every human being who has ever lived.

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