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It’s Official: Britain’s 44-Year Marriage to the EU Is Ending 

The two-year-long divorce proceedings between Britain and the European Union kicked off yesterday. The process will be messy, expensive and fraught with tension, as Brussels will likely make an example out of the United Kingdom to discourage other member nations from also wanting to go it alone. Herbert W. Armstrong forecast back in 1956 that Britain’s relationship with Europe would end this way, well before they joined the Union in 1973. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we look back at Britain’s strenuous 44-year-long marriage with Europe and discuss what you can expect now that they are parting ways.


Focus Is a Dynamic Power 

If you have a simple, single focus in life and you follow through and act on that focus, then your life will be full of light. You will see where you are going. The ability to focus is the difference between success and failure. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we discuss how to develop a proper focus and where it should be directed.

Do the Russian Protests Mean a ‘Slavic

How Can We Know Putin Will Survive?

The Trumpet can make such assertions with confidence because they are based on specific forecasts from a reliable source: the Bible. The Bible contains detailed foresights that say a Russian strongman will rise and exert enormous power on other nations.

Revelation 9:16, written around a.d. 90, describes an Asian army that will amass 200 million men: “And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.” That is a force that contains more people than were even alive at the time that was written.

Revelation 16:12 labels the leadership of this massive military as the “kings of the east,” indicating a bloc of Asian countries. Ezekiel 38 shows specifically which nations would comprise this bloc and details about its leadership: “And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, ‘Son of man, set thy face unto Gog, of the land of Magog, prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy concerning him” (Ezekiel 38:1-2; kjv, Young’s Literal Translation). Anciently, Rosh or Rus was the name of Russia. The Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary and several other Bible sources recognize this.

The passage then describes the campaigns of this force led by this “prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal.” Who is the “prince” steering this massive army?

A careful examination of these scriptural passages and others, matched to the framework of modern current events, makes the answer visible.

In the September 2014 issue of the Philadelphia Trumpet, editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote:

I strongly believe Vladimir Putin is going to lead the 200 million-man army. Just look at the power he already has. Can you think of any other Russian politician who could become so powerful and have the will to lead Russia into the crisis of crises? I see nobody else on the horizon who could do that. And only a tiny few years remain for the prince of Rosh to appear! … This much is absolutely certain: The restoring of Russia’s power by Vladimir Putin—the prince of Russia—was prophesied! He has already solidly allied Russia with China. The prophecy about the prince of Russia includes that main alliance. … The only question is whether or not Putin personally finishes the entire prophecy.

Since the Trumpet has this vital understanding of Vladimir Putin’s role in end-time prophecy, we believe it unlikely that a “Slavic Spring” is on the horizon for Russia—at least not one that would take Putin out.

To understand more, watch Mr. Flurry’s recent Key of David episode “The Prophesied Prince of Russia.”

Vladimir Putin Cracks Down on Dissent 

Last week, one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s critics “fell” out of a fourth-story window. Another was shot on the streets of Kiev—in broad daylight. Another thousand have been arrested in Moscow alone, as protests erupted across Russia. On today’s show, Trumpet contributing editor Richard Palmer examines why you should be concerned about the violence in Russia.

How Germany Won World War II 

Germany is achieving exactly what it wanted, but failed at, in two world wars: control of Europe. Germany has deceptively abused the euro to position itself as Europe’s undisputed leader. In the 1990s, Germany coerced the United States-led NATO into carrying out its will in Yugoslavia. As World War II drew to a close, America and Britain pledged to keep Germany from ever becoming a military power again. However, in the past few decades, America and Britain have not only allowed Germany to rebuild its empire, but they helped Germany do it! For more on this subject and its importance in Bible prophecy, listen to today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

God wants more than the Sorrow of the World.

The traditional customs surrounding lent have an ancient origin, but also carry a deep lesson concerning repentance. Should Christians observe them?

Satan’s Counterfeit

Satan, the god of this world, has blinded all mankind (2 Corinthians 4:4; Revelation 12:9). These festivals are part of that deception. What kind of penalty is the “giving up of sweets, or television” for 40 days? The penitence of Lent is a form of worldly sorrow over the things that smite one’s conscience. But conscience is not a sufficient guide to right or wrong. The penitence of Lent is a counterfeit of genuine repentance of sin.

The Bible defines sin as “the transgression of the law” (1 John 3:4)—God’s law! God’s law defines right from wrong!

In the lead-up to God’s spring festivals, true Christians are admonished to examine themselves, to measure themselves against God’s law. They are to search out the sin in their lives and remove it. The Days of Unleavened Bread symbolize putting sin out of our lives. But mankind desires the temporary pleasures of sin and prefers to then do penance for them. Penance means to give up something in payment for sin. That is why the pagans, flocking wholesale into the professing Christian church, ousted the celebration of the Days of Unleavened Bread and substituted it with Lent—40 days of penance, of denying oneself certain physical pleasures in return for enjoying sin for the other days of the year!

God hates sin and doesn’t want us to show remorse for our excesses and acts of moral turpitude only to return to that way of life as soon as we have supposedly paid for our sin with self-punishment. Sin exacts the death penalty (Romans 6:23). No amount of self-reproach can pay for sin—only Christ’s blood can! God doesn’t want penance, but repentance.

As we approach the God-ordained spring festivals and begin to examine ourselves, let’s understand this counterfeit and deepen our understanding of why Paul admonished the Corinthians to let “godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of,” and how this “sorrow of the world” only “worketh death” (2 Corinthians 7:10).

The Mystery of Man 

The human mind is a mystery to science, education and religion. Discover the spiritual element that sets the mind of man apart from the brain of any animal—next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.

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