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Will Europe Rediscover Its Christian Identity?

Many believe this bastion of secularism will never again embrace religion. History shows otherwise.

The Spirit of Charlemagne Is Alive in Europe

To see what is ahead for European unity, look at what is behind.


The Reaction to Castro’s Death Exposes the Communist Infiltration of America and Britain 

Since the death of Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro, Western leaders have showered his tyrannical rule with praise. Despite his horrific human rights record, the liberal left has honored him; the prime minister of Canada even called him a “remarkable leader.” Perhaps just as troubling is that more conservative leaders haven’t spoken out about Castro’s atrocious track record as dictator. Why is the West silent about the evils and failures of Cuba’s Communist regime? Herbert W. Armstrong warned in the 1960s about the infiltration of communism in America and Britain. On today’s show, Stephen Flurry discusses how the West’s praise of Fidel Castro is an example of how the Communist ideology has infiltrated America and Britain.

America’s Election and Europe’s New Order

Donald Trump’s election is accelerating some of the most vital prophetic trends the Trumpet has followed for decades.

Warning about the cooling of relations between Europe and the U.S., Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in October 2014 that this “is a significant development. It is about the dismantling of a relationship that has helped to preserve peace in Europe for nearly seven decades!”

He continued: “Bible prophecy warns that a German-led European empire is going to rise up. We have said for over 50 years that it will probably be more powerful than both America and Russia!

“The age of American global leadership is drawing to a close. While the Germans might not come out and say so, they are reveling in that fact. The U.S. may try and repair relations with its former lover, but irreversible damage has already been done. The breakup, which started with the spying scandal, is going to continue to worsen until one of America’s greatest allies since World War II becomes, once again, its greatest enemy!”

“What makes the German-American split especially important is this: It is exactly what biblical prophecy told us would happen!” Mr. Flurry wrote. He elaborated on one of those prophecies, in Ezekiel 23, which describes America and Britain as having a lover-type relationship with the modern Assyrians—Germany—a relationship that will end with a massive double cross.

This German-American split is clearer than ever—and will accelerate further in the coming months.

We have said for decades that Germany will lead Europe. And we have warned that the EU would develop a common military. In 1978, Herbert W. Armstrong wrote, “The Europeans are far more disturbed about their safety in relying on United States military power to protect them than Americans realize! The United States is not loved in Europe. European confidence in U.S. protection against their next-door Communist neighbor has been lessening and lessening.

EUROPEANS WANT THEIR OWN UNITED MILITARY POWER! They know that a political union of Europe would produce a THIRD MAJOR WORLD POWER, as strong as either the United States or the USSR—possibly stronger!” (Good News, Aug. 28, 1978). That applies more than ever to Europe today! Europeans are, right now, saying almost exactly that!

Meanwhile Mr. Trump’s election is building the sense of crisis in Europe. The whole continent is crying out for strong leadership. Germany is the strongest nation, but Chancellor Merkel is isolated and has proved that she is not the leader for the job. We have forecasted for years that this will lead to the rise of a strong leader within Europe.

It’s clear that when Mr. Armstrong was writing in 1978, he expected to see this European military power within his lifetime. It did not happen on the timescale he anticipated. But world events are moving forward at a dramatic pace, and the election of Donald Trump will accelerate them greatly.

Bible prophecy is becoming increasingly hard to ignore. Already Herbert W. Armstrong’s decades-old forecasting has been proven right on Brexit. You need to become familiar with what he wrote—it is filling more and more of your newspaper headlines.

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The Sign of Christ’s Coming 

The Gospels give a clear sign of Christ’s Second Coming. As the world hurtles toward destruction, this sign gives hope for a better future. This sign is as sure as the trees blooming before summer. Learn what this biblical sign is—next, on The Key of David, with E

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The U.S. Election and Europe’s New Geopolitical Order – The Trumpet Daily

Can Donald Trump Save America’s Military? 

The world is becoming increasingly dangerous according to a former NATO deputy commander who has written a book warning of the real danger of nuclear war. Trumpet staff writer Richard Palmer examines how Britain and America are responding to this reality. In order to cut costs, Britain has made its navy less effective than the ships it operated in the 19th century. Meanwhile, American President-elect Donald Trump has promised to reverse America’s painful spending cuts—which have left the American Navy smaller than any point since 1916. But will this save America?

What’s Next in the Israeli Peace Process?, a Yawn in Germany, Death of the TPP, and Much More 

• We’re beginning to see what is happening around the world in the wake of the transition of power in America.

• What might a Trump presidency mean for the Arab-Israeli peace process? Europe feels it may need to step up and be the primary mediator now.

• Mr. Trump says on day one of his presidency, America will withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership—and China is celebrating.

• In Germany, Angela Merkel says she’ll run for a fourth term as chancellor—and the collective yawn from Germans showed how much they yearn for stronger leadership.

• We’ll also talk about Britain signaling its willingness to cooperate with European military unification—alarm bells sounding over the effectiveness of American defense—Iran continuing to defy the terms of the nuclear deal—and Japan using its soldiers in a way that it hasn’t done since World War II.

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