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Crisis at the Close and Guttenberg’s Return to Power

In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ was asked what events would signal the end of this present age of man. He answered by listing a number of worldwide problems that would intensify into the crisis at the close. Today we are experiencing the outer edges of the storm that will lead to the end of this age and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth. On today’s program, Stephen Flurry highlights world events that are fulfilling those prophecies.

Also on today’s show, when Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg was pushed out of office in 2011, the Trumpet told followers to continue watching him. We wrote numerous articles predicting his eventual return to German politics. Now, in the midst of Germany’s numerous crises and as the post-Merkel era looms, many news outlets are writing about Guttenberg’s inevitable return. How was the Trumpet so accurate with this predication? Find out on today’s program.



Our Forefathers’ Goal

The Constitution was based to a great extent on God’s law. That is why I believe it is the most noble document ever written by a government of this world.

What a rare document it is. Our forefathers had the awesome opportunity to establish the rule of God in the wealthiest country ever. So they established a Constitution to protect all of us from the extremes of human reason. Tyrants, unjust judges and biased leaders were controlled by this law.

Did our Founding Fathers know that the Bible interprets itself? To some extent, I believe they did. And they probably patterned the Constitution after the Bible, in that sense. The Constitution interprets itself probably better than any book or document other than the Bible.

We see indescribable confusion about the Bible today. Why? Because people won’t let it interpret itself!

We received some foundational direction from Britain’s Magna Carta. But Britain has no Constitution.

Our persecuted forefathers wanted their protection spelled out in detail. They had suffered intensely at the hands of tyrants. Such tribulation deepens a people’s understanding about the value of freedom.

Will we have to experience indescribable tribulation before we can appreciate our freedom, which is given to us by the rule of law?

I have written a new booklet I would like to offer you: No Freedom Without Law. It explains why firm, godly law is vital foundation for any society. Write for your free copy today!


Conspiracy Against Fatherhood

We hear a great deal about conspiracies today. Our people almost seem conspiracy-obsessed. But the greatest and most damaging conspiracy is the one against fatherhood today. And very few people understand it or what deadly consequences it will have in our society.

Colossians: First Century Parallels

The book of Colossians ties in directly with Revelation 3 and the Laodicean era. Paul was in jail, absent from the problems that were beginning to creep into the Church in the first century. Today, Herbert Armstrong is dead, absent from the problems that have steadily increased in the very church God founded through him. God removed both of those leaders for a very important reason. He wanted to see what we would do individually when a strong spiritual leader is removed. In other words, God wanted to see how well we could follow our true Leader-Jesus Christ!

God’s Greatest Reward

The Bible includes two letters written by the Apostle Peter. He wrote these epistles in the first century just before he was martyred, and Jerusalem was destroyed. But there isn’t a hint of discouragement or despair in Peter’s message. Discover the source of Peter’s unwavering hope in the midst of crises. Learn how to build the same hope in your life—next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.

The destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in A.D. 70 was a type of the coming Great Tribulation. Many of God’s apostles were killed in the build-up to that calamity. God’s Church was plunged into the darkest of times. When he wrote his epistles, the Apostle Peter knew he would be crucified shortly. Caught in a storm of persecution, Peter delivered a message filled with hope. Request our free booklet The Epistles of Peter: A Living Hope. You can discover the source of Peter’s hope. You can see the vision that caused Peter to rejoice while suffering. Study The Epistles of Peter: A Living Hope to find out how.

The Bible was written for our day. Request a free subscription to the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course for a systematic guide to Bible study. This 36-lesson course helps you to see the relevance of the Bible to our day, explaining the cause of world problems. It gives you biblical guidance and practical solutions to the challenges in your life. Enroll in the Bible correspondence course to receive monthly lessons that will make the Bible more clear to you. Join 100,000 students worldwide who have gained valuable, life-changing understanding of the Holy Bible. Peter built an unshakeable hope through deep Bible study. Now, you can too.

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Our Awesome Universe Potential – The Trumpet Daily

The more we study and learn about our universe, the stronger the evidence becomes of an absolutely remarkable truth: There is an Author of the cosmos. And He intended for us to be able to study the stars to help us come to know more about Him—and His awesome purpose for mankind!

President Obama Erases Yet Another Red Line

In December, President Barack Obama said he was open to visiting Cuba sometime before leaving office, but he first wanted to see more freedom for ordinary citizens. Without such progress, he said in an interview, he was unlikely to visit the Communist island nation. Then in January, the Castro regime arrested 1,474 dissidents—the second-highest number ever. Despite Cuba’s worsening human rights record, President Obama announced this week that he will soon pay a visit to Cuba, effectively erasing yet another red line. For more, listen to Stephen Flurry on today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.