Judah’s Wound

The Jewish nation of Israel in the Middle East is currently suffering from an oozing, bleeding, incurable wound, especially in Jerusalem. It is a deadly disease—a fatal failure in foreign policy. And the entire Western world, led by United States and Britain, has fallen into the same trap: continual capitulation to hateful foes.

Thousands of years ago, the Prophet Hosea foretold Judah’s wound. Learn how the Middle East peace process was a fantastical notion doomed from the start. Prove just what is the root cause of Judah’s slow and excruciating demise on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.

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“Jerusalem” means city of peace—yet any observer can see how paradoxical this name is. The Holy City is constantly under siege of missile attacks, suicide bombings, gun rampages and knifings. It is one of the last cities on Earth deserving of a peaceful name. However, God names things as they are—or will be. In Jerusalem’s case, He has an eye toward the future. Request our free booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy to see how events in Jerusalem will soon spark the war to end all wars. Understand Jerusalem’s violence-free destiny beyond the dreadful present. Prove for yourself that God will soon rule the entire universe from Jerusalem!

The Prophet Hosea delivered a message primarily for three distinct groups of people in this end time: God’s adulterous church, Britain, and Judah. God’s church is the most important group by far, but all three have a special history with God. All three have also rebelled against Him. Request our free booklet Hosea—Reaping the Whirlwind to see the ultimate example of “reaping what you sow.” This booklet will expose the dangers of appeasement plaguing the West today—and the crushing punishment God has in store for them. But the story doesn’t end there. Request Hosea—Reaping the Whirlwind for a sneak peek at the beautiful ending to the worst suffering imaginable.

All our literature is available absolutely free of charge, with no cost or obligation to you. Order today at http://www.thetrumpet.com/request?items=90,21! to learn more about what Bible prophecy has to say about the tiny Jewish nation of Israel and Jerusalem.


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