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Habakkuk Wonder Marvelously

Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Prophet Habakkuk wrote of nuclear winter. Still, he possessed a relentlessly positive outlook. How did he develop such a living hope? How can you build this hope in your life?

God gave Habakkuk hope in the form of a unique end-time vision. This vision connects a legal battle to the unparalleled destruction immediately preceding Jesus Christ’s return. Learn Habakkuk’s key to escaping the most gruesome warfare mankind has ever seen. Discover not only how to survive, but how to thrive in these dangerous days—next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.

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Remember the Sabbath Day, To Keep It Holy – The Trumpet Daily

Most people think it makes no difference which day they observe the Sabbath command, or whether they need to keep it at all. Of course, if there is no God—and the Bible is just the work of mortal men—then it doesn’t matter which day they observe. But if there is a God, and if the Holy Bible is His authoritative Word, then it certainly does matter which day we observe!

Few realize today, but the Sabbath versus Sunday controversy raged during the first three centuries of the Christian era. Violence and bloodshed mounted. Millions were tortured and put to death over this question. Who is right? And, after all, does it make any difference?

God does not say to create your own holy day and worship on that day. He specifically says to remember the Sabbath Day and “keep” it holy. It’s not up to men to choose which day they want to observe—God commands that the Sabbath is kept holy, and He explain how to keep it holy!

Do we diligently try to see what God expects of us on the Sabbath, or do we have our own formula for observance?

The seventh-day Sabbath was made for man—as a blessing to man! It was made to be enjoyed—to spiritually refresh, in blessed fellowship and communion with Christ! Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath while He lived as a human on earth. And whole chapters in the four Gospel books are devoted to recording how He taught us to keep the Sabbath.

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Vladimir Putin Is Changing the World, and More

. Vladimir Putin is changing the world! The president of Russia is making some bold, provocative moves-and nations all over the world are having to pay close attention.

. We’re going to talk about how he’s taken control of the situation in Syria

. How he’s brought Iran to the table of legitimate nations in international affairs

. How he’s outmaneuvered the U.S.

. How a Saudi official says he’s a man with a vision for the world

. How he’s stirring up trouble in the Balkans

. How he’s causing Germany to rethink its relationship with Russia, and to start playing nice

. How he’s supplying the energy for China’s rise

. Even how his submarines are threatening the Internet

– We’ll also talk about several other trends, including the yuan getting a push toward reserve currency status-and the Black Lives Matters movement

All this and much more-on today’s Trumpet Hour.

Building God’s Work Through Radio

On Oct. 9, 1933, Herbert W. Armstrong had his first experience broadcasting over the radio. It was on a small 100-watt station in Eugene, Oregon. From this small beginning, a great, powerful work of preaching the gospel message around the world began. As Mr. Armstrong’s use of the radio grew, so did the Church and the work as a whole. By the late 1950s, the World Tomorrow program was being broadcast worldwide on 5 million watts of radio power each week. On his special 100th episode of the Trumpet Daily Radio Show, Stephen Flurry explores the rich history of the gospel message being broadcast to the world over radio.

Putin Isn’t ‘Bad,’ He’s Evil, Vile, Terrifying…

Vladimir Putin leads his nation in a way the West is unaccustomed to. He is decisive, bold and uncompromising. Many people in Europe and North America don’t take Russia’s president seriously—others look at him as a sort of movie criminal—but this man should be properly feared. He is dangerous and his actions within Russia and in surrounding regions prove he is no joke. Yet, too many people in the West don’t seem alarmed by this man. On today’s show, Trumpet columnist Brad Macdonald digs behind Russia’s state-governed media to reveal some frightening history about Vladimir Putin.

Pedophilia Rights, Death by Poor Eating, the Battle of Agincourt, and More

• Do genetics determine morality? Some argue that your sexual orientation is determined by your genes—but do you realize that this argument so often used by homosexuals is now being used by pedophiles?

• A new study by the leading authorities on global disease shows that the number one cause for premature death in the world is poor diet. Are you putting things in your mouth that are killing you?

• Six-hundred years ago this week, the famous British Battle of Agincourt took place. Why is this still considered the most heroic battle in Britain’s history?

• And finally, a word about keeping your word to your children.

• All this on today’s … Trumpet Hour.

Does God Exist?

Here in the Western world, we are surrounded by so many modern marvels that we take most of it for granted. Think about the technologies around you today. No one would argue that those devices just developed out of thin air. The presence of that device is proof that someone designed it and brought it into existence. There had to be a mind behind it—planning it, forming it, and shaping it. Yet, when it comes to the heavens—the billions of stars, moons and planets—most well-educated people think it all simply appeared. Is it rational to think there was no mastermind behind the creation of the universe? Is it rational to say that all of the universe just sort of came to be—that no one planned it all? On today’s show, Stephen Flurry explores the laws that govern the universe and proves there is a designer.