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The America Europe Financial Crisis

America and Europe are in financial crisis, just look at the news reports on the economy. In 2008, America almost collapsed financially. Here’s what Nancy Pelosi wrote in USA Today back in September 17, 2013:

“Five years ago today when I was the Speaker I gathered the other Democratic House leaders in my office to discuss the latest financial news. I told them that, as a matter of course, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson briefed me on the state of the markets and the financial system, but had not done so that week. In that time, Lehman Brothers had filed for bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch had faced failure and had been purchased by Bank of America, and two days earlier AIG had survived only after a Federal Reserve bailout. After the meeting at 3:00 p.m., I placed a call to Secretary Paulson and asked him to come the next morning to brief the leadership. Then came his STUNNING response: ‘Madam Speaker, Tomorrow morning will be too late.'”

She continued: “And she continues to write: “We then planned to meet at 5:00 p.m. that day, and I invited Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to join us. Later that evening the meeting commenced with Democratic and Republican leaders from both the House and the Senate. Secretary Paulson described a meltdown and financial crisis from the depths of hell!”

The crisis spread to Europe and it’s still going on. But what many don’t realize is that this will lead to something that will transform this world. Bible prophecy says that Europe will unite politically. Revelation 17 says ten nations will unite together under the leadership of a strong man and Gerald Flurry boldly predicts that it is because of a financial crisis. This is based on a prediction of Herbert W. Armstrong back in 1984.


The War of the Churches.

From the very beginning, God’s Church has been in a war for its life.

When Jesus Christ founded the New Testament Church, He promised that it would never die, but He also said it would never enjoy a large following. Christ called His Church a “little flock.” And He told us why it would be small in John 15:20: “If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you.”

Throughout its 2,000-year history, God’s Church has withstood intense persecution—much of it coming from a great counterfeit church. The true Church that Christ founded experienced an early spurt of growth from 120 disciples to about 5,000 (Acts 4:4). But very soon after that, it was struck by intense persecution, just as Christ said it would be.

In Acts 8:1, it says there was a great persecution against the church at Jerusalem. The brethren were all scattered abroad, the Bible says. This effort to completely stamp out the true Church ultimately failed. In fact, the persecution itself is what helped the Church to spread abroad. But it never became a large, dominant organization.

The book of Revelation discusses the history of God’s true Church. Right alongside the true Church though, from its beginning, is a counterfeit organization that has been warring against it.

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Hamas Terrorist Group Fulfills Bible Prophecy

Trumpet Daily Radio Show – Hamas is improving relations with Iran’s regional opponent, Saudi Arabia. A recent visit by Hamas leaders to Saudi Arabia has outraged Iran. The Trumpet forecasted more than three years ago about a split between Iran and it’s proxies around Israel. On today’s program, Trumpet columnist Brad Macdonald digs into the prophetic importance of these alliances in the Middle East.

A World Gone Mad.

Jews are fleeing Europe, Christian’s are being slaughtered in the Middle East and North Africa, women and girls are being taken captive in Syria and Iraq and made sex slaves, thousands of Muslim girls in Britain are being mutilated, Russia is on the march, China is building a navy to rival the U.S., Iran is building a nuclear bomb, America is being overrun by illegal immigrants and the euro-crisis is forging a United States of Europe. Yet, amid all these events, the biggest headline this week is about the death of a lion in Zimbabwe. On today’s program, Stephen Flurry shows how the world is totally blind to some of the worst crises in history.

How the Global Financial Crisis Will Produce Europe’s Ten Kings.


The German Question (and the German Solution)

How exactly do America’s problems tie in with Europe, Greece and Germany? How are they bringing about the 10 kings of the final Holy Roman Empire?

“Europe, once again at a moment of crisis, faces the quandary of how to deal with German power. The German question is back,” wrote the New York Times’s Roger Cohen on July 13. “Precisely the thing that Germans were most uneasy about, and their neighbors, too, has now occurred. Germany dominates Europe to a degree unimaginable even 15 years ago.”

The American-European financial crisis is empowering Germany to dominate Greece and the rest of Europe in a way that will ultimately pare the European Union down to 10 nations!

In his article on July 13 titled “Greece Is Being Treated Like a Hostile Occupied State,” the Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote that the new deal for Greece’s bailout is “the worst of all worlds. They have solved nothing. Germany and its allies have for the first time attempted to eject a country from the euro .…” In other words, it’s going to unravel and, as the Bible prophesied, it’s going to lead to those 10 nations.

Pritchard said that the German-brokered Athens deal “offers no conceivable way out of the country’s perpetual crisis.” He likened it to a military invasion by the EU’s monetary union (EMU) to enforce whatever it wanted.

Greece’s former finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, said in a July 13 interview with the New Statesman that the EMU is “completely and utterly” controlled by Germany. “It is all like a very well-tuned orchestra, and [Germany’s finance minister] is the director.”

Can you imagine Germany moving in and controlling YOUR country? Something amazing is happening in Europe, and Germany has power that was supposed to be dispersed among and controlled by all of these EU members. They were supposed to control a dangerous Germany, but look at what Germany is doing today.

Reuters quoted one diplomat saying that the austerity measures imposed on Greece are tantamount to turning Greece into a “German protectorate.”

Herbert W. Armstrong predicted years ago that the collapse of the western world’s financial system, led by the United States, would unite those 10 nations into what is called the Holy Roman Empire—led by Germany.

It is a development that will shock the world! But if you study these events within the bigger picture of Bible prophecy, you realize that it is going to lead to Jesus Christ returning to personally DESTROY that great empire and to usher in peace and joy and happiness for all eternity!

Britain Ahead of Schedule on Military Cutbacks.

The British army has cutback more than 20,000 personnel three years ahead of a 2018 target date. This rapid downsizing of UK’s army will only invite further aggression from Britain’s enemies. Stephen Flurry covers this development and more on today’s program.

Educating Our Children.

This Trumpet Hour, host Joel Hilliker leads a discussion on children. In Russia, Vladimir Putin is giving children as young as 5 years old military-patriotic education to prepare them to give their lives for their country. This gives insight into how Russia’s future will look when this generation comes to age. In the U.S., the Obama administration says our public schools are too strict and too disciplinarian. Trumpet Hour looks into what this administration is concerned about and what its extremely controversial solutions are.

Then the Trumpet Hour interviews two men who just finished directing a summer youth camp here in Edmond, Oklahoma—a camp that uses discipline in a positive way to get some wonderful results!

Finally, Joel Hilliker shares his own experience of a summer youth camp he attended as a teen and how it helped his relationship with his parents. All this on Trumpet Hour.