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A World Held Captive – The Trumpet Daily – YouTube

This is not God’s world.

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The Battle of Britain – The Trumpet Daily – YouTube

This summer, we observe the 75th anniversary of that battle. It was a battle for freedom. It was a battle for London. It was THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN.

Israel’s War Against The Jews And The Coming World Economic Crisis

Almost every prophecy in the Bible is connected in some way to the nation that descended from Abraham—the ancient nation of Israel. Most people carelessly assume that modern-day Israel is the tiny Jewish state that goes by that name in the Middle East. But the Bible plainly reveals that while all Jews are indeed Israelites, all Israelites are not Jews!

Ancient Israel split into two nations after the reign of Solomon. For more on what happened after that, tune in to today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

Britain’s Worst Terrorist Attack in 10 Years, ISIS Recruits Pour Into Syria and the Kobani Massacre

Events over the past few days provide further proof that we are not living in God’s world. In Tunisia, Saif Al-Deen Al Rezgui opened fire on beachgoers in the city of Sousse. He killed at least 38 people, 30 of which are believed to be British citizens, marking the worst attack on the British peoples since the 2005 bombings in London. In Kobani, Islamic State militants killed more than 200 civilians—including many women and children. Last week in Nigeria, two girls blew themselves up near a crowded mosque. About 30 people died in the attacks.

Recent attacks have put Western countries on high alert. And though many are scared, there are still people streaming into Syria to join the Islamic State. Why are all of these terrible things happening? What is the ultimate outcome? Listen to today’s show to hear what Bible prophecy has to say about the world’s condition leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.

Pope Calls for New World Government –


The Bible describes only one church with strong links to “the kings of the earth” and influencing all “the inhabitants of the earth.” For proof of this, read our free booklet Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast?

Now, under Francis, this church is bidding to play a role in world governance.
Historically, the Catholic Church has been a major power among kings. The Bible says it will have that role again.

It appears this is what Pope Francis is advocating. He is attempting to set up the church to rule over or influence nations and governments—to make rulings through new “enforceable international agreements.”

Toward the end of his encyclical, Francis goes off on what could look like an unrelated tangent. He starts writing about the benefits of Sunday and Catholic mass. But the pope sees Sunday worship as part of the solution to the problems he brought up. “And so the day of rest [Sunday], centered on the Eucharist, sheds it light on the whole week, and motivates us to greater concern for nature and the poor,” he writes.

The Trumpet, and before us the Plain Truth, has long warned that the Catholic Church would attempt to enforce Sunday worship on the world. Now, as the pope discusses world governance, he brings up Sunday.

The pope’s latest encyclical is bringing to light—and could soon prove to bring to pass—forecasts made by the Plain Truth and the Trumpet for decades, and by the Bible for millennia.

Yet this church will not dominate global politics endlessly. The same scriptures that tell of its great power and reach also say that this church will only rise up one last time.

Laudato Si is part of this pope’s attempt to bring about that final rise.

For more on the history and prophecy about the Catholic Church, read our free booklet The Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy. Our newest booklet will be available in September, but you can pre-order it today.

Why Is the Pope Provoking War in Israel? –


THIS IS PRECISELY THE RESPONSE THE VATICAN IS SEEKING. The European Union and the Vatican both have the same official goal for Jerusalem. They want it to be an international city?controlled neither by Jews nor Arabs, but rather by some third party.

Why does the Vatican want this? In his book Christians and Jews?Faith to Faith, Rabbi James Rudin wrote that the Eastern Orthodox churches that own the majority of Jerusalem?s sacred Christian sites oppose internationalizing the city because it ?would give greater control of Jerusalem?s Christian sites and institutions to the Roman Catholic Church, which has significant influence in Europe and the Western Hemisphere.?

It doesn?t take much imagination to see the Vatican being given the chief seat in how an ?international? Jerusalem is governed.

Israel is dead against this right now. But as it becomes more isolated and its situation becomes desperate, its resolve will start to crumble.

Of course, this is just one possible scenario. However it happens, the Vatican?s ambitions in Jerusalem are well documented. It desperately seeks greater control over Jerusalem, and every step it takes in its diplomacy with Israel and the Palestinian Arabs is dedicated to this end.