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Germany’s Secret Strategy to Destroy Iran – YouTube

The Bible reveals the specifics of a conflict that will explode between what it calls the “King of the North” and the “King of the South.”


Use This Key to Unlock Bible Prophecy – The Trumpet Daily – YouTube

Identify ancient Israel’s modern identity, and you’ll never look at the Bible the same way again.

Three Misconceptions About Bible Prophecy –


Throughout the ages, a lot of people have said they believe the Bible. Are you part of that group? Did you know one third of this holy book consists of prophecy?

The most-read book in world history is largely prophecy, a concept you might associate more with apocalyptic movies, mystical books and crazy street preachers, and not with serious thought.

Consider the Bible’s table of contents. Out of the 66 books, 18 are named after prophets. Other books contain numerous prophecies. Matthew, for example, contains the Olivet prophecy, which talks about the four horsemen. Genesis contains prophecies about Israel inheriting the Promised Land. 1 Samuel contains prophecies of Jesus Christ and His reign over the Earth. And who can forget the book of Revelation, which is essentially a book about prophecy?

Why You Must Watch Jerusalem

Not all cities are equal in importance. The most important city on Earth is Jerusalem.

Who and What is God – The Trumpet Daily

This is the most important question there is.

Zerubbabel the Builder

Herbert W. Armstrong was a type of Zerubbabel the builder. This is a vital dimension to Mr. Armstrong’s work that many of God’s people do not understand.

When we published Mystery of the Ages in 1997, we stepped out on faith. When the Worldwide Church of God sued us, we fought that court case on faith. God made us continue to walk by faith throughout that court battle. But as we did so, He showed us several scriptures proving that we were doing the right thing and that we would win.

Did you know that Herbert W. Armstrong had a similar experience? In the late 1970s, he was locked in a court battle with the state of California, and he later found some scriptures showing that court battle had been prophesied!

The Love of God

Nobody in this world knows what it means to be a witness for God. Most of God’s people don’t even know!

Being a witness for God is not easy, but with it comes a mind-splitting reward. So don’t stop reading until you see the inspiring outcome.

The end of John’s Gospel reads, “This is the disciple which testifieth of these things, and wrote these things: and we know that his testimony is true” (John 21:24). The Apostle John gave true testimony.

The word testimony is translated from the Greek marturia, which comes from martus, meaning martyr.Some­times the Christian’s life really is about dying for a cause. It is always about giving your life—about being a living sacrifice—for this cause. But being martyred is merely the end of a physical life. What follows iseternal life.

The word testifieth also means to witness, and is similar to the word testimony. John was a good witness. He was willing to be subjected to any trial—even death—in his testimony for Christ. This is the kind ofwitness Christ wants from all of us.

The words testify and witnessreveal the depth of our commitment and love for Christ. The wordwitness is much stronger than the way it is commonly used today! We must understand what Christ means when He says “follow me,” or when we say we’re 100 percent behind God’s Work.

Do we bear a righteous testimony in the way we live or die?