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Jerusalem’s Temples

God mentions Jesus Christ’s capital city numerous times in the Bible. He even describes the capitol building itself.


Hollywood’s God Is Distant, Powerless –


Hollywood does not know the true God. Hollywood directors have no desire to even learn about Him. They are satisfied with their belief that God is distant and powerless. Hollywood is never going to make a dramatic film that provides a fair, balanced and accurate view of God and His well-orchestrated intervention in the lives of His leaders and people. However, they do want money from anyone seeking spiritual inspiration from a supposed Bible-themed epic movie. When people stop flocking to Hollywood Bible flops, Hollywood will stop making them and quit disappointing us.

God gave humans exactly what we need in the pages of the Bible to inspire us. If men, women and children honestly seek Him, God opens up epic understanding of Himself and His plan for mankind. Delve into the book—learn the true histories of Noah and Moses. You will not be disappointed. To help you in your study, request a free copy of Mystery of the Ages. This book will introduce you to the God of power who will work dramatic miracles in your life.

Revelation 17:10

Why God’s Church has watched for the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire for more than 50 years

Update: Sydney Hostages, Massacres in Pakistan and Iraq, Dresden Protest – The Trumpet Daily

The thread that ties together this week’s most dramatic news, and what it means for the future

The Unknown Prophet

The Bible describes an end-time spokesman for God known as “That Prophet.”

25 Years of Spiritual Warfare – The Trumpet Daily

The PCG passes a quarter century of fighting for truth.

Was Christ a Cult Leader? | Philadelphia Church of God


Religion today has a similar problem. They have heard false teachings for years and they believe these false doctrines rather than what the Bible actually teaches. It will take years for these people to unlearn the errors before they can be deeply taught God’s truth!

One religious author says a cult “is a perversion, a distortion of biblical Christianity and/or a rejection of the historic teachings of the Christian church.” But this is a great contradiction! “Historic teachings” of today’s “Christianity” itself pervert and distort “biblical Christianity”! Their “biblical Christianity” means mainstream Christianity, which is very unbiblical!

According to the world’s definitions of a cult, Jesus Christ was a cult leader. We must remember that making such statements can bring severe persecution! Christ proved that. He was killed for what He taught. But soon, this world is going to be severely tried for practicing such gross deceit.