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Believing God’s Promise to David

God promised King David that his dynasty would continue—not for a century, not for a millennium, but for eternity.


The Desires of Your Heart

God is a Father who wants to give His children everything!

The Whirlwind Prophecy –


Has Germany gotten rid of its military inclinations? Not at all. Granted, some of its deployments around Iran are tiny. But, unlike the United States, Germany will not let them dissipate, but will expand them mightily! Berlin could multiply these small numbers almost overnight!

This type of intelligence doesn’t make sense to most analysts. They might scoff at the idea that these deployments and arms deals are leading to an attack on Iran—and especially on Israel, America and Britain! This insight can only come from God. And He has now revealed it.

This is not just blitzkrieg. We are about to witness a WHIRLWIND. And it was all prophesied in your Bible: Daniel 11:40!

How Not to Be Deceived | The Philadelphia Church of God


“The whole world” is deceived. God inspired the Apostle John to write this in Revelation 12:9. That is a stunning statement. How is it possible that so many people could be deceived?

“The whole world” would have to include the various competing versions of professing Christianity, or else you can’t believe your Bible.

In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ talked about the “many” being deceived (verses 4-5), not the few. Yet He also said in that chapter that it is possible for you to understand the Bible so deeply that it is impossible to deceive you! You can become “the very elect,” and the very elect cannot be deceived (verse 24).

Yes, we can rise above deception! As incredible as it sounds, you and I can be part of Jesus Christ’s inner circle, His “little flock” (Luke 12:32)—the select, precious few who cannot be deceived.

What Is the Feast of Trumpets? | The Philadelphia Church of God


The Feast of Trumpets pictures the most important event in world history—the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!

Your Bible reveals in detail the dramatic return of Jesus Christ in supreme power to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. Yet the world seems to understand almost nothing about this prophetic event—or the annual festival that pictures it!

Why not? Because the knowledge of this event was suppressed in the very first century of the Church by a false religious system. The feasts God commands Christians to observe, which picture God’s plan of redemption for mankind, were replaced with holidays that mixed Christian concepts with pagan traditions, like Easter and Christmas. (For more information request our free booklet, Pagan Holidays—or God’s Holy Days—Which?)

Let’s get back to biblical teaching and look at the profound and exciting vision contained in God’s Feast of Trumpets.

So what does this “Feast of Trumpets” picture?

The Bridge Commandment | The Philadelphia Church of God


Physical carnal beings naturally oppose God’s law. Man tends to ask himself what he can get away with without crossing the line. But we in the Church have a special calling to help restore the Kingdom, government and character of God that requires a different attitude towards God’s law. God’s perfect law is the basis of His government—something He typified in the family relationship. Examining the institution of family is a wonderful way to learn more about our special future and God’s great plan for all mankind.

God gave a specific commandment to help keep our families and nations strong. It is a law that will be enforced in the Millennium, and a law that you can obey and be tremendously blessed by today. When you obey it properly, it will set you aside from your peers in the world in a most noticeable way. This law is the Fifth Commandment, and you can use it to let your light shine to the world.

‘In the Beginning’—Father of Lights

The Bible calls God ‘the Father of lights.’ He has given human beings a potential more dazzling than the stars.