What the Paris Climate Agreement Was Really About

It was deeply significant—but not for the reasons people think.


Greenhouse Apocalypse

Do carbon dioxide emissions threaten all life on Earth?

Who and What Is God?

Here is a book to help you answer this most important question.

Meet the Communists Taking Over Britain

Voters are growing comfortable with a Labour Party ruled by a radical. Welcome to Britain’s new normal.

Is Today’s Solar Eclipse a Sign of the Time of the End? 

Many religious commentators say today’s solar eclipse is a sign of the end. Does the Bible actually support these claims? One third of the Bible is dedicated to prophecy—a forecast of what is to happen in the latter days. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we explain what the Bible says about the sequence of end-time events.

Does Bible Prophecy Say North Korea Could Trigger World War III?

Altogether, this shows that even though North Korea will not be the spark that sets the world on fire, we should take its threats and actions seriously. As Trumpetexecutive editor Stephen Flurry and managing editor Joel Hilliker wrote on August 15: “If nothing else, the mere threat of a mentally unstable tyrant in North Korea using nuclear weapons should cause all of us to be asking some very hard questions. Rising current nuclear tension should provoke us to consider seriously the biblical prophecies of nuclear destruction. Those prophecies are drawing closer than ever to fulfillment!”

Bible prophecy gives a surprisingly detailed description of World War iii and other end-time events, but it does not give every detail.

The Bible assures God’s people, “We have also a more sure word of prophecy” and says that our understanding of it becomes clearer as we draw closer to Jesus Christ’s return to Earth (2 Peter 1:19). God instructs us in Luke 21:36 to be vigilant regarding the prophecies He has recorded, and to carefully watch for the evidence of those prophecies being fulfilled in the headlines each week: “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”

The evidence matches what Jesus Christ prophesied, and shows that World War iiiis rapidly approaching.

Yet, as we see that conflict approach, there is cause for great hope! In Matthew 24, Christ says that the global war at the end of this age will be so devastating that it could kill all human life. Then He adds a vital detail in verse 22 (New Living Translation): “But it will be shortened.”

World War iii will be cut short! Before mankind fires his last weapons to totally annihilate himself, Jesus Christ will interrupt the conflict. Immediately after that time of unprecedented death and destruction, He will establish a new age of unprecedented peace and prosperity. Christ will rule the Earth as King of kings and Lord of lords. He will usher in an epoch of worldwide peace for the peoples of the Korean Peninsula, the U.S., the Middle East, Europe, Russia and everywhere else. Regarding this future era of global harmony, Isaiah 2:4 says: “[N]ation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

Knowing how close that radiant future is can give us perspective that fills us with hope.

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A True Christian Cannot Believe in Evolution 

The question of origins is a competition between two fundamental theories: creation and evolution. Which one is correct? Learn about one of Satan’s most deceptive traps—a trap that has ensnared higher education—next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry.

God’s Sabbath day points us back to the time of Earth’s creation. God completed this creation in just six days. On the seventh, He commemorated His creation by resting and creating the Sabbath. Request our free booklet Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? to discover the remarkable purpose for the Sabbath day.
Traditional Christianity observes Sunday. Does it make any difference which day of the week we observe—or whether we observe any day at all? Does the Bible establish Sunday as the Lord’s day? Was the Sabbath given for the Jewish people only—while Christians are commanded to keep Sunday as the Lord’s day? For the answers to these questions, read Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? 

Your Bible says the Sabbath day was made for you!

The theory of evolution is Satan’s counterfeit of the Sabbath day. To understand how, request our free reprint article “The Fraud of Evolution.” This theory has corrupted the vast majority of scientific research. Satan has used it to take a stranglehold on modern education. Building on this wrong foundation, almost everyone has missed an opportunity to develop a relationship with his or her Creator. Request “The Fraud of Evolution.”

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You Can Conquer Drug and Alcohol Addiction! 

Over the past five years, deaths from opioid overdose have skyrocketed. Some estimates predict that the death toll could be as high as 650,000 over the next decade. On this episode of the Trumpet Daily, we discuss America’s addiction to drugs and why human government cannot solve this problem. But with God, all things are possible. With God, you can conquer addiction! 

Eerie Silence in Barcelona After Another Jihadist Rampage 

An Islamic jihadist drove a van down one of Barcelona’s busiest streets last night, killing 14 and wounding scores more. Vehicle attacks have become the new normal in Europe. Leaders across Europe have no solutions to this ongoing crisis. In America, meanwhile, some left-wing media outlets were quick to suggest that the attack in Barcelona was a copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville last weekend. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we discuss the latest attack in Barcelona as well as the campaign to erase America’s history.

The Violent Overthrow of America’s Governmental Institutions 

The Marxist organization Antifa has received a free pass from the mainstream media over the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend. Most media outlets simply refer to the group as peaceful, anti-protesters. This group has a history of using violence to achieve its Communist goals. Why isn’t anyone alarmed by the actions of this group? The Trumpet has written extensively over the past decade about how the Marxist/Communist ideology has a stranglehold on the Democratic Party and the major media. This explains why no one is sounding the alarm over a group whose aim is to destroy America’s government institutions. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we explain where this is leading and how the Trumpet was able to forecast these events well before they happened.